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Celaxryn RX Each woman has a different pain threshold, Celaxryn RX contact with the right specialist almost always allows you to remove the causes of discomfort. Potential causes of pain during intercourse are: vaginal dryness - caused both by drugs Celaxryn RX during menopause, cervicitis vaginal infections urinary tract infections endometriosis. Vaginal dryness - a cause of pain Celaxryn RX burning during intercourse Insufficient hydration of the vaginal walls, i.e. lubrication disorder, may cause pain Celaxryn RX burning during intercourse . The cause of the discomfort in this case is irritation due to friction, leading to the formation of hyperemia, Celaxryn RX sometimes even erosions on the vaginal wall. Women then complain of vaginal pain during intercourse , especially during intense intercourse. Difficult penetration can also cause pain during intercourse in a man . Lubrication disorders occur in a variety of situations Celaxryn RX depend on many factors. The most prosaic reasons for vaginal dryness include insufficient sexual arousal during intercourse (no desire to have sex). It is also a common cause of pain during intercourse after menopause . During this period, the ovaries have already completed their function in the area of procreation, which is the reaction of reducing the amount of estrogen produced (female hormones) Celaxryn RX changes in the external genitalia.

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