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Ways To Fix Netflix Wifi Error

Netflix Code NW-2-5 error usually occurs due to interruption between the device that you are streaming the application on & the connection. If Netflix has encountered this error, then you must check with your home network for a solution. 
Smart televisions nowadays come with inbuilt set-top boxes or require a home network to connect to these applications. If you get Netflix code NW-2-5 on LG smart TV then you must ensure that the home network is well connected to the device or else restart the complete set-up. At times, fixing code NW-2-5 netflix wifi error on Samsung smart TV gets difficult, though some tips can definitely get your favorite series streaming back on your smart TV.

Ways To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 on Your Smart TV

Test Your Internet Connection -- to ensure that your Internet isn't providing you trouble, consider running a network connection test. you can use the one powered by Netflix --, because it checks the connection and the data speed to its own servers. Else one can find plenty of options online.

Check if your network allows the Netflix streaming app -- Netflix error NW-2-5 occurs when there's a block set up by your Wifi network. There are high chances that you are using public Wi-Fi or one in your office, airport lounge or college library. All the public internet works usually put a blockage to certain streaming applications. They also have limited bandwidth or sometime's a slow data speed that actually bar's the performance of Netflix. 

Bypass the Router -- Netflix code NW-2-5 error occurs when your W-Fi router is attached to one of your modem's. in this case, reboot your network and try the following step's after that. 

Turn off your Smart TV or just unplug the TV cable.
Connect Smart TV with the modem using an ethernet cable.
Unplug the modem for at least 30 second's & attach the plug again. Wait until the lights start blinking again. 
Turn on the TV & connect with Netflix to resume. 
Restart your Smart TV -- turn off your TV first and then unplug the power cable. provides a gap of at least one minute between turning the TV off and detaching the power cable. turn on the TV now and plug the device. Open Netflix application and check the streaming now. 

Boost your Wi-Fi Signal -- Always keep your router away from wireless devices such as smartphones, microwaves, radios, wireless speakers, etc. this way the signal interference would be fixed. If the signal is still low, try to place the router at the height, for instance, a shelf or upper cabinet in your room. you can also hang the router like a wall clock to strengthen its signal.

British Telecom Internet Service -- Reports suggest that BT customers face a lot of issues streaming Netflix as they always get Netflix error NW-2-5. it's because Netflix is blocked by BT Parental control and in such cases, all you need to do is alter your network configurations with BT. Here are the steps :

Log in to MY BT connection using the username & password.
Post logged in, navigate to BT parental control & then to Personalize your settings.
Post that, turn off your BT parental controls and the changes to configuration would be applied after 10 minutes.

Test Your Internet Connection 

Check your Xbox 360 DNS configuration by clicking on the main menu and click Settings.
Press the Guide button on the controller.
Go to Settings followed by System Settings and then to Network Settings.
Choose the available network and then visit Configure Network.
Select Wireless Network & select Test Xbox LIVE Connection.
Select Continue.

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