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when Bruno Fernandes Camisola

Your wedding budget is starting to get a little high and you need to cut a few corners to save some cash and so you ask your buddy to get behind the camera. Wrong move. Never let your friend Fabio Coentrao Portugal Camisola , be it your best friend or even a close family member, run the camera at your wedding. There are a few reasons for this.

First off, there is so much more involved in capturing a wedding on video than your friend will think about. Sound, lighting Luis Neto Portugal Camisola , positioning, framing, storyline, style Pepe Portugal Camisola , each of these broad categories has numerous tiny little elements where if one is off the whole thing doesn't look or sound right. Normally a friend will wait until the last minute to get equipment and then not know what they need usually showing up with a less than quality camcorder and only a built in microphone. Batteries, tapes, they don't think about these things. The less they know, the less they will show up with.

Secondly Bruno Alves Portugal Camisola , holding a camcorder and capturing a wedding and reception isn't like being there enjoying the moment, It's work and you need to concentrate on what your doing such as how the shot looks, sounds, where you need to be next Rui Patricio Portugal Camisola , iris, focus, and a bunch of other little nuances. That lends very little time to enjoy the wedding and the people involved which is what you want your family and friends to do while they are there.

Lastly, if something should go wrong it could possibly ruin a friendship. It's happened many times before and will happen again Rolando Camisola , a friend wants to be involved with the wedding and only shoots a little bit of footage and not good video because he wants to get that part over with. Or, he forgets the sound, or he forgets to hit record, or he's out of focus or he just doesn't know where to be and when Bruno Fernandes Camisola , all in all the video recorded isn't good and most of your wedding is unusable. This will definitely put a strain on any friendship because a wedding video is very important, avoid this potential hazardous situation and hire someone, outsource the videographer, it's your best bet.
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