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I didn't realize how much my stable angina was affecting my sleep until my family doctor prescribed me with Diltiazem. After a week of treatment I forgot what sleep interruptions are, as I sleep perfectly well all through the night. It is so unusual and refreshing after long years of muddled sleep. Besides the drug is very effective in relieving stable angina symptoms and I have no more chest pain or tightness.

[Image: ozxs23k49.jpg]

I have stable angina and about a year ago I started on Diltiazem every morning. It provides me with the relief I need causing no side effects at the same time. Before Diltiazem I have been taking a couple of other medications, also prescribed by my GP, but I wasn't absolutely happy with the results. With Diltiazem the pain is gone and I sleep without waking up the whole night. I would recommend this medication to all stable angina sufferers.

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