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Great Eyelash Curlers For Travel and Vacation

While old fashioned metal eyelash curlers are the standard in any woman's makeup drawer and found in every professional makeup artist's caddy, they are not exactly small or convenient when you are traveling. For one thing, these things are bulky and awkward to try to fit into any makeup bag or purse. They also set off metal detectors and may or may not be allowed on carry on luggage depending on how lucky you are getting through airport security.
One really easy and inventive solution that makeup companies came up with are plastic eyelash curlers. While they are not as common or as durable as metal curlers, they are great for occasional use and for when you're on vacation. There are some that are even as small as a matchbook. Some things to look out for with these types of lash curlers are the following.
Avoid long flimsy parts that can easily break off.
Avoid double pad curlers; these do nothing to crimp your lashes.
Look for Japanese brands such as Japonesque for quality construction built to last.
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