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Richard Mille Skull watch Replica

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As a noble watch in the richard mille sapphire watch industry, Richard Mir has always taken the challenge of challenging the difficult technology in the watch, constantly breaking through the innovation, in the face of the old growth and the problem of accurate timing, there will be different Performance? Is the accuracy of the mechanical watch the limit? This may be the most rigorous question asked by RICHARD MILLE after creating countless cutting-edge mechanical watches. The escapement structure of the RM movement is characterized by the fact that the impact of the escapement is a direct impact form, combining the advantages of both the detent escapement and the Swiss lever escapement, changing the relative position and length of the pallet fork to Directly arranged from the rollers under the balance wheel in a straight line, shortening the distance and changing the direct impact to improve performance. This escapement improves the shortcomings of the contact parts of the Swiss lever pallet, and the direct impact structure makes the operation efficiency of the system of the time system one of the main reasons for improving the accuracy. One of the advantages of changing the escapement structure to direct impact is that the contact between the impactor and the escape wheel is greatly reduced due to the change in the relative position of the escapement and the escape wheel, so that the AP new escapement does not require lubrication. Oil, at the same time, can also reduce the power consumption to extend the kinetic energy storage, effectively helping to improve the accuracy of travel time.

The watch industry's currently widely accepted Swiss Observatory certification has a standard accuracy of -4/+6 seconds per day, which is about 10 seconds per day. Some watch brands create higher calibre performance. A higher standard of accuracy certification for its watches, about 4 to 5 seconds per day difference, while the accuracy of the richard mille replica watch can reach 20 to 30 seconds per month. That is, the average daily error of less than one second pushes the precision of the mechanical watch to the extreme.

The hairspring plays an important role in the escapement. The hairspring of the RM 031 movement's internal time system is a two-layer coaxial parallel Elinvar special alloy spring, and the two ends of the two springs are 180 degrees two-phase fixed. To enhance the toughness and retractability, it is more accurate and time-consuming, and it is equipped with a specially designed variable inertia balance to improve the stability and accuracy of the law. In the RM031 movement, there is also a patented protection or the escapement system. This protection device is used to improve the stability of the escapement. When the watch is subjected to external shocks, the position of the balance spring is prone to displacement. The slight deviation of the wheel spring will lead to inaccurate walking. This patent protection is fixed at both ends of the balance spring. When the external force is impacted, the balance spring will not be shaken and the position will shift and jump. The hairspring can be retracted as usual and with the normal operation of the escapement.

In addition, the new escapement of the RM031 uses a 5 Hz vibration frequency, and the balance oscillates up to 36,000 times per hour. At present, the vibration frequency of watches replica mechanical watches is generally between 3 Hz and 4 Hz. The smaller the time unit that can be cut, the more precise the regular time can be, and the precision can be improved.

Equipped with a super-high-performance mechanical movement, its high performance comes from the engineering design of every movement. The main splint and bridge in the movement are made of ARCAP alloy. ARCAP alloy is widely used. Special alloys for aerospace, super-running and cutting-edge technology are characterized by low density, non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant, high stability independent of temperature changes, and can be precision machined. In order to ensure the performance of the movement, all parts, gears and splints of the entire RM 031 movement must be carefully polished by hand, including chamfering, edge and part contours.

The RM movement is equipped with a double barrel for 50 hours of storage and a barrel for one rotation every four hours. The advantage of such high speed operation is that it can reduce the sticking of the mainspring and the performance and stability of the barrel. It is also helpful, and in order to ensure the stability of the dynamic output of the double barrel, the RICHARD MILLE specially designed a special wheel set with a 20 degree pressure angle and an increased number of gears, in order to reduce the friction of the gear bite push and thus help Stable power output. This optimized gear profile continues to be used throughout the entire RM train, giving the entire drive train better torque performance and improved overall core performance.

The high-performance RM watch case features a new round case instead of the common MILLER case, with a case diameter of 50mm. The case has a multi-level design and each part is precision cut. Cut, sanded and processed in a variety of different polishing processes. The middle, bottom and inner bezels of the case are made of platinum, and the outer ring is made of five grades of titanium. It is waterproof to 50 meters and fake watches uk is limited to 10 pieces.

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