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The Oakland Raiders stadium

situation for 2019 has gone from messy to a downright disaster. The team has been negotiating with the San Francisco Giants to use their stadium Jaquiski Tartt Jersey , but that is running into various problems.Although the San Francisco 49ers play their games further away from the city of San Francisco than the Raiders did when in Oakland, they still hold territorial rights over the city.That gives them the right to say the Raiders are not allowed to play there. There have been reports the team is leaning against providing permission, and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport tweeted that it remains expected the 49ers will not provide the requisite permission.This comes the same day San Francisco mayor London Breed said she thinks the Raiders should stay out of the city.The Giants own their own stadium, but at one point they were getting tax breaks on the land. I don’t know what kind of leverage the city has over the Giants at this point, so Breed could just be getting her comments on record.If the Raiders cannot work something out with the Giants, that leaves them with playing in Oakland, sub-leasing at Levi’s Stadium, or some unknown third option in another city — some have mentioned San Diego or San Antonio as options.Chris Biderman reported the 49ers are willing to share Levi’s Stadium for a year, and while fans are not interested, that might end up making the most sense. Mark Davis seems firmly against it, but at some point he might have no other choice. It makes sense for the 49ers for additional revenue at the facility, so it is not surprising they might be interested.If that’s going to happen , we’ll know an answer before mid-April given the need to get the schedule together. For now though, the situation remains a mess. I want to go to bed so bad right now after this awful, awful showing from the San Francisco 49ers. The beer tastes bad, the pizza is no longer tasty, and my Monday night is ruined. The good news, and only solace I can get out of any of this, is that I wound up playing not just George Kittle, Robbie Gould, AND Matt Breida, but Nick Mullens in fantasy. And wound up winning. How this happened I don’t know. Back to the Giants game. The offense had its issues, but the defense can. Not. Finish! It’s growing frustrating by the game. When there was a shot of Shanahan shaking his head, I just said Tevin Coleman Jersey , “Yep, he knows what’s about to happen.” We all knew what was about to happen. I don’t think we knew it would be because of rapid-fire laundry from the refs keeping the Giants on the field, but it happened. I do wonder a lot about the defense now. It desperately needs an edge rusher. Maybe that’s the piece. Who knows. Something needs to change. I’m so sick and tired of the elegant tank. I just want to win some games. Worst part is, the Giants have a quarterback in Eli Manning that was on the verge of being benched a week ago. “Overrated” they said. “Not as good” they said. Well, after tonight, his career has been saved. All it takes is a matchup against the 49ers to right that ship. I’ve had enough. I’m off to bed. 6 takeaways from 49ers heartbreaking loss to Giants (Madson)49ers will reportedly auction off game-worn jerseys, donate proceeds to victims of California wildfires (Sporting News)Refocused, NFL Week 10: New York Giants 27, San Francisco 49ers 23 (Pro Football Focus)49ers get a more realistic look at the resilient Nick Mullens (ESPN)Giants 27, 49ers 23: Manning’s last-minute TD pass spoils Mullens encore (Inman)Five thoughts from 49ers’ last-minute loss to Giants (KNBR)49ers bring fire-struck Paradise High School team to game via bus (ESPN)Three takeaways from the Giants’ victory over the 49ers on ‘Monday Night Football’ (Sporting News)Quick notes from 49ers 27-23 loss to Giants (Madson)Eli Manning leads comeback, tosses three TDs in Giants 27-23 win over 49ers (Crabtree)What a horrible night to have a curse...

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