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Ann Narin
   Bought these as extra gym shorts that would expand their usefulness throughout the summer. As gym shorts, they worked pretty well I think. The kids did not do a lot of floor work, so the loose flare fit was not problematic but think if she used these during regular PE, would have heard some complaints about not being fitted enough. Great for everyday wear, from tanks to tees.
Alexia Anastasia
   I've been a huge fan of Jaime since Jersey Belle and watch cawfeetawk daily. Needless to say, I pre-ordered the book and devoured it within a few days.  It was like a Netflix binge and I'm now pissed at myself for not rationing myself!  My new husband (a born and bred Jersey boy) thought I (a Floridian who lived in Birmingham for 8 years) was crazy as I laughed out loud reading.  For anyone who follows Jaime on cawfeetawk, you will love this book.  It is truly written in her voice: raw, real, no holds barred.  My favorite thing about this book is that I got to read the full, extended version of all the stories I've heard Jaime tell.  I always hate hearing 'I love you so much today' because it means cawfeetawk is over and I want the conversation to continue!  This book accomplishes that and more.  Pretty sure I would like anything written by her, but am glad I was not disappointed by this book.  Can't wait for the next one (there better be a next one, Jaime!)
Veronika Drdáková
   And what a performance by Vincent Piazza who should be nominated for an Oscar for his outstanding portrayal of Tommy Devito.
I was fortunate enough to have seen the Broadway play three times and absolutely loved it. Guess you can say that I am a huge fan. Clint Eastwood's film version is quite a bit different than the play but I enjoyed it just as much, only differently. The film focuses more on the dramatic side of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons rise to fame, but nothing about their journey is ever boring. The film's run time is 2h and 14m long and some of the numbers from the stage version have been cut. While disappointed that a song like 'Beggin" didn't make it into the film, it did not ruin the overall experience for me. The entire cast did a great job and fans should not be disappointed. Many critics complained that Clint Eastwood was the wrong choice to direct this. If that's true, me, my friends and the entire audience who applauded wildly at the end must be totally clueless.

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