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Sarees are one of the oldest forms of women鈥檚 clothing in India which has existed for more than a millennium. The word saree comes from the Prakrit root 鈥榮adai鈥? originated from the Sanskrit word 鈥榮ati鈥?- meaning - a piece of cloth. Though it is worn in numerous different styles Cool Base Luis Sardinas Jersey , the main process of wearing remains the same. The saree is wrapped around the lower body twice, then a is knot is tied using one end on the navel area. The second end is used for creating creases & the portion left is taken laid on the shoulder. The latter part is called the 鈥榩allu鈥?that was earlier placed on the head to show respect to the elderly people at home. The global popularity of sarees raised after the international celebrities embraced the long 4,5-metre fabric. The sarees online USA stores sell readymade sarees which are pre-stitched to save you from tying.

The oldest statue wearing a saree belongs to the 100 BC. A number of women are depicted in saree from the Gandhara civilization. The rule of Alexander the Great introduced the greek and Macedonian influence in the Gandhara clothing. Different varieties of Sarees have evolved in the different regions of the country. In the prehistoric times, the type of clothes a person wore depended on their social status and caste.

The Hindu sect divided the community into four castes. The saree colour was associated with the caste based on this distinction.

1. White - The colour of purity Cool Base Johnny Manziel Jersey , it was worn by the Brahmins. The subgroup consisted of the priests, teachers and scholars. In Hinduism white is believed to eliminate darkness & fill a person with positive energy. People involved in the profession of worshipping generally wear white clothes. In some religious ceremonies, women are obligated to wear white saree.

It is also associated with mourning. The widows wear white saree to commemorate the death of their husband.

2. Green - It represents spirituality in Islam. In ancient India, the colour was linked to the traders and the merchants. The women from the business class families would wear sarees green in colour. Brides in the central Deccan & south dress in green silk sarees on their wedding.

3. Red - Red was the colour of Kshatriyas. This group consisted of the Royals - the warrior class. It is common in India for the brides to wear red sarees on their wedding day. Even after marriage Cool Base Jhoulys Chacin Jersey , the newly wedded girls are asked to dress in bright colours. The colour is associated with marriage, fertility and sex. The bridal saree can cost you a fortune, bride-to-be these days buy sarees online to reduce their expenses.

4. Blue - The indigo workers got their hand coloured with the dye. Soon it becomes the colour for labourers. The wives of the men who work by hand i.e. the framers, weavers and artisans wore blue sarees. Blue-coloured sarees were avoided by the women of high status

5. Black - The colour is believed to bring ill fortune and sadness in life. Women avoided wearing black saree Cool Base Jered Weaver Jersey , but today they are a rage.

6. Yellow - The colour was worn by people practising asceticism. The bride-to-be has applied turmeric one day before the wedding, it is called the haldi ceremony. She wears a yellow saree on the auspicious occasion. After the childbirth, Indian women wear yellow sarees for several days. The colour yellow is believed to take you close to spirituality.
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Stephen is an Indian fashion designer, who has always been fascinated by the ethnic wear. She has reach out to the global fashion arena and she considers sarees are more like the fashion statement amongst women. She is also a writer and influences other woman to Buy Designer Sarees available online and enhance their overall look.
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