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Keto Go Fit - if it is difficult to bend down, it is worthwhile to make an appointment to shorten the nails to the podologist.Correction of the nail at the podologist - if the ingrowth of the nail has just begun, the specialist can try the so-called. swab. Between the nail shaft and the shallow podologist puts a dressing or non-woven fabric that will minimize the resulting irritation. In the case of a clear inflammation, the podologist can put on a special orthonyxic brace on the nail, which for a few months will pull and straighten the plate. It can be plastic, silicone or metal. None of them interferes with normal functioning.Feet after fifty: Crooked Hallux (Haluks)Crooked palpitation is deformation of the forefoot and metatarsus, which can be seen with the naked eye in the form of protruding

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