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How to Fix Quickbooks Error Code 6000? A complete Solution Guide

This is the error message that appears when "QuickBooks Error Code 6000, -80: An error happened when QuickBooks attempted to access the business file" happens.
There may be different explanations for this mistake, including:

  • QuickBooks installation was incomplete 
  • A company file (.qbw) has been damaged
  • The folder where the company file was located has been damaged 
  • Hosting of QuickBooks has been enabled on both servers instead of just one 
  • The server doesn’t have the correct permissions to access company files
  • The user who is trying to access the company files doesn’t have the correct permissions 
  • Service QBDataServiceUserXX where XX is the version number of QuickBooks is trying to access company files but it doesn’t have the correct permissions 
  • Security software on the server is blocking access to the company file 
The answer to this mistake relies on what the user did when throwing this mistake. Here are some of the instances where the mistake might have happened.

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