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Kaleb McGary Atlanta Falcons Jersey

The Falcons just beat the brakes off of the Arizona Cardinals. It depends on your respective thoughts about the final three games if that’s a good thing Kaleb McGary Jersey 2019 , but damn — it was nice to watch this team win a game. It was unequivocally their best performance of the season, and they were officially eliminated from the playoffs in the process. Season in a nutshell. Here’s Monday morning’s Falcoholinks.Dave’s recap You like the Falcons — that’s why you’re here. You presumably like the Falcons scoring points, so Dave Choate’s weekly game recap is a fantastic way to start your week. The defense forced a bunch of turnovers, Tevin Coleman put on a paycheck performance — this is the team you wanted to see in Week 1. It came at the expense of draft positioning, but losing at home to the Cardinals is something I cannot abide.Caffeinate yourself and read your way through the best Falcons game of the year.The Falcoholic Live Postgame Special So, we won. That’s a good thing, kind of? The Falcons dropped to the sixth pick in the draft with their win against the Cardinals Kaleb McGary Atlanta Falcons Jersey , and these are the types of double-edge sword topics discussed on The Falcoholic Live. If you didn’t catch this week’s postgame special, I got you.Crossfire Crossfire is such a solid new podcast format, and this week it’s The Falcoholic’s Eric Robinson taking on The Falcoholic’s Jeanna Thomas. It was a barnburner for sure, as the combatants spiritedly debated a variety of topics. Is Tevin Coleman coming back? Will this team win 9 games? Who’s getting fired? Eric and Jeanna both present sound arguments; after you listen, be sure to vote for who you felt won the debate.Matty’s comments Matt Ryan is having a very good year. He had another great game on Sunday, throwing a couple of touchdowns and rushing for one with no picks. With his early rushing score, Matt Ryan tied his career high at three. Here’s what he had to say after the game: It’s Super Bowl week in Atlanta Cheap Kaleb McGary Jersey , so we’ve got some super links to start your Monday. Continue reading for today’s edition of Falcoholinks. Cutting Corners? Our positional reviews roll on, and last week we focused on the 2018 performance of the cornerbacks. It was a rough year for the group, especially for Robert Alford, who likely played his way into a cap casualty situation. Alford was downright dreadful, and his recent struggles combined with his age and contract means he’s probably wearing a different uniform next year. So how can the Atlanta Falcons turn a weakness into a strength for 2019? Dave Choate looks at some possibilities that are on the table. Mock Draft: Third Edition ‘Tis the season for mock drafts, and The Falcoholic’s resident draft analyst Kevin Knight tries his hand at how things may shake out for Atlanta on draft night. In his third mock draft, Kevin sees the Falcons snagging a premiere defensive tackle and going heavy on the trenches through the first four rounds. Whet your appetite for the 2019 NFL Draft right here. Saints ComplaintsThe saga of the Saints and the NFC Championship game marches on Kaleb McGary Atlanta Falcons Jersey , and this week brought us massive joy in the form of galaxy brain overreactions. Lawsuits, Senate floor speeches, participation parades: it’s all here, and it’s all great.There’s no denying that the now infamous non-call was terrible. Nickell Robey-Coleman flat-out admitted that he committed pass interference to save a potential touchdown. But unfortunately blown calls happen, and the Atlanta Falcons are acutely familiar with one that could have turned the tide in the 2012 NFC Championship Game. So with Saints fans content to gripe or boycott the Super Bowl altogether, we’ve got a preview of the Patriots and Rams match-up. What To Do About BeasleySave for his 2016 season where he led the NFL in sacks, Vic Beasley has yet to string together the consistent production that you’d expect from a former first-round pick. That disturbing trend continued in 2018 Calvin Ridley Jersey 2019 , as he was another one of the Falcons that you’d file under “letdown” last season.Beasley is in line for a significant raise next year, and his performance to date certainly doesn’t equate to the $12.9 million he’s owed. Vic Beasley is likely headed elsewhere in 2019.

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