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You know your prospects need what you sell. You know they want what you sell. Heck Teuvo Teravainen Finland Jersey , you know that they even sent away for information on your service and requested a quote.

But the fact is you are missing one major piece of the puzzle.

Want to know what it is?

No matter what else you know, often, the missing piece is knowing when your hot little prospect will actually make a purchase.

People search for information and solutions in many different ways and on many different time tables.

Some will buy immediately; some may take a year or more depending on the complexity of the purchase.

The key to solving this dilemma is consistent and repeated contact.

If you build a marketing system that guarantees your prospects (particularly your ?A? prospects) are contacted at least 8-10 times a year you can significantly increase the odds that your name will jump to the top of the list when they do actually decide to purchase.

Another benefit of constant contact is that by sending your prospects useful information, that doesn't always ask for a sale Jori Lehtera Finland Jersey , you can establish a bond of trust, and trust wins business. It is almost as though some of your prospects will feel that they owe it to you because you took so much time and effort to educate them for such a long period of time without asking for anything in return

So what will you send to your prospects on a monthly basis?

Here is an example a calendar of contact points

Month #1 ? Letter announcing a new service (change to existing service)

Month #2 ? Newsletter ? highlight tips and company news

Month #3 ? Phone call to discover opportunities

Month #4 ? Reprint of an industry magazine article of interest

Month #5 ? Case study of a successful client solution you provided

Month #6 ? Request for critique of a proposed sales letter (you won't believe how valuable this can be)

Month #7 ? Time for another newsletter

Month #8 ? Reprint of an article you contributed to an industry magazine

Month #9 ? Announce a new service

Month #10 ? Invite them to a workshop

Month #11 ? Phone call to introduce someone in your referral network

Month #12 ? Checklist of helpful tips for your industryservice

Notice that this schedule includes a couple of phone contacts. This to can be a very powerful research tool as well as a business building tool. Sometimes you will learn what your prospect really wants and how valuable the materials you are sending them really are to them.

You man want to consider breaking your prospect list into groups based on potential opportunity. Your 20 or so ?A? prospects might get a copy of your favorite book or some homemade cookies in a tin with your company logo one month or some proprietary content or information along with some tickets to the ballgame a couple of months later.

And if you really want to make a hit with your ?A? prospects, take the time to find out some background on them and personalize your marketing materials. If Ed Jones over there at Acme Industries went to Notre Dame (not such a hard thing to find out) you will score major points by simply sending a clipping from some magazine about his favorite subject ? The Fighting Irish. You can even set-up a service that will find you everything that is being said about a school, industry Patrik Laine Finland Jersey , company, sports team, you name it. So an industry guru makes a prediction for the future of your prospect's industry and you drop the article in the mail to them. Now who do you think they are they going to remember come order time?

Create a database of your ideal prospects, set-up a schedule of different types of contact points like the one above Lauri Korpikoski Finland Jersey , and then stick to it. And don't forget to include your current clients in that list. Reselling them can lead to more and more business and referrals.

Copyright 2004 John Jantsch
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