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Rules - Kricz - 02-18-2017

DarkRP Rules
If a rule not included on here is broken, the higher member of staff on the server is to decide the judgement of the punishment.
“I did not know it was a rule!” or “It was my brother!” are not valid excuses and will be ignored.

Section 1: General Rules

1.0 - Do not swear, overuse caps or spam, in OOC.
1.1 - Do not World Affect Abuse (Seeing through the walls and ground)
1.2 - Do not break the New Life Rule (3 minutes).
1.3 - Do not randomly kill other players.
1.4 - Do not kill other people if they kill/RDM you.
1.5 - Do not metagame. (Using Out Of Character information in Roleplay)
1.6 - Be respectful to all other players and administrators.
1.7 - Do not use props to push, kill, block, surf, or climb etc. This is unfair and unrealistic.
1.8 - Do not place props, signs, or entities in shops or rooms that other people own unless they ask you to.

1.9 - No advertising of any kind for other communities or servers. This will result in a permanent ban.
1.10 - Advertising for any other project (Twitter facebook page, YouTube channel) is also forbidden unless the High Member of the Staff Team have approved it.

1.11 - Do not create devices or explosives with any mod/addon that can kill or hurt any players.
1.12 - Scientist is the only job allowed to build flying objects
1.13 - Do not Printer bomb other players or their homes.
1.14 - No cheating, hacking, or scamming. Violation of these rules will result in a permanent ban.
1.15 - Do not buy doors to rooms or buildings that you do not intend to use. This is unfair to other players who want to use them.

1.16 - Do not use /advert for things such as: out of character chatting or advertising for any other non-roleplay purposes etc.
1.17 - When being chased by Civil Protection, you are allowed to open fire at them, but only if they try to arrest you or are wielding a weapon.
1.18 - Any job class can raid, mug and kidnap unless your job says otherwise.
1.19 - You are not allowed to do any illegal activities as a government official.
1.20 - If you would like to argue a point or discuss administrator action please do it over PM/Steam/website as to not spam OOC chat.
1.21 - If under gun point, you may not pull a gun or run away from the person threatening you. This is considered to be Fear RP and is a punishable Offence.
1.22 - Do not break the rules to retaliate against someone else who broke the rules. Two wrongs do not make a right.
1.23 - Spam of ANY kind is not allowed. This includes props, wire, chat, mic, and bugbait/ hobo poop spam/ camera flash.
1.24 - Do not intentionally troll other members of the community.
1.25 - Do not kill or harm the officer who arrested you, however you can place a hit on the officer.

1.26 - Sitting on fellow players is not allowed.
1.27 - Do not sit on others props whilst building.
1.28 - Do not chair abuse.( sitting down to avoid death or arrest etc.)
1.29 - If asked to get off somebody's head and you do not get off a warn will be issued.

Section 2: Rules related to vehicles

2.0 - Don’t Horn Mine. (Holding down horn keybind)
2.1 - Don’t be a car minge. (Ramming other cars with no reason whatsoever)
2.2 - Don’t randomly shoot other cars without a legit reason.
2.3 - You DON'T advert CarJack / Counter CarJack / CarJack Assist When stealing a car.
2.4 - To force someone out of the car it must be at a halt.
2.5 - You are not allowed to respawn your car when it has been stolen. This is Fail RP.

Section 3: Raiding, Mugging and Kidnapping Rules

3.0 - You can only raid / counter if your job description says so. List at bottom.
3.1 - If you died in a raid you must not interfere with the raid or the people who were raiding until it is over.
3.2 - You may not raid homes that have a building sign.
3.3 - When you have raided a player’s home/shop, you must wait at least 15 minutes before raiding the same player again.
3.4 - After raiding someone, you must wait 5 minutes before raiding someone else.
3.5 - You may not raid or mug hobos.
3.6 - You DON'T advert raid over/kidnap over/bank raid over/pd raid over once your have finished.
3.7 - During a PD Raid you can not kill the Mayor unless he poses a threat.
3.8 - When mugging or kidnapping the player must be at a halt by you.
3.9 - When mugging you must give them at least 5 seconds to drop the money.
3.10 - When you have kidnapped someone you must release them after 10 minutes or kill them.
3.11 - When keeping a prisoner hostage you can not have a crouch box or a epilepsy box.
3.12 - When you have kidnapped someone you can ask 10k for his return
3.13 - When you have kidnapped the mayor you can ask for 25k for his return
3.14 - The maximum mug price is $5000.
3.15 - You can not mug the same person within a space of 15 Minutes.
3.16 - You cannot Mug or Kidnap in spawn.
3.17 - You can only kidnap the same person every 15 min.
3.18 - You can only raid the PD every 15 min.
3.19 - You DON'T advert before raiding, mugging, carjacking, kidnapping, countering, stealing, and bank raiding.

3.20 - But you do have to advert pd raid.
3.21 - Base takeovers is not allowed
3.22 - You may not assist someone if they do not allow you to or you are not with them

Section 4: Building Rules

4.0 - Do not prop block any doors. You may create a fading door, but you must set a keypad to open the door.
4.1 - However, you are allowed to prop block doors and windows as long as there is at least 1 other way in.
4.2 - A fading door must be opened for a minimum of 5 seconds
4.3 - You are NOT allowed to build bases on the top of buildings.
4.4 - When building inside a building, do NOT use an excessive amount of props for things that could have been built with much less props, bigger props makes less lag.
4.5 - When creating fading doors, the keypad must be visible and reachable by other players. You may have as many keypads as you want but they must all be correct.
4.6 - You always need a working keypad/button on your fading door.
4.7 - No crouch bases, entrances must be set up so players can enter them while standing. (This means you can’t be crouching at any point to get through said door)
4.8 - You are allowed to have bases where you have to crouch jump.
4.9 - Jump/parkour bases are not allowed.
4.10 - Kill on sight Lines (KOS) lines must be inside your property, and not in the street or on the pavement. You are also not allowed KOS signs saying "KOS if loitering).
4.11 - When in a mob you are allowed to take up a small section of the map to serve as your HQ/territory and also slightly block it off (Example traffics cones, fences and walls). However there must be a clear opening so that innocent characters such as citizens can walk through. You can only fully block it off once you have admin or higher permission.
4.12 - Do not build laggy structures on purpose. If unsure contact a member of staff.
4.13 - The government is allowed to block of a street with no clear opening and a fading door to make a check point. However they can only deny access to players refusing to be weapon searched.
4.14 - Do not fading door abuse. You need to use a keypad or button in order to enter your base, NOT the key binded to the fading door at any times.
4.15 - Shooting windows must be open for at least 5 seconds.
4.16 - Do not abuse any Tools/Wire items to your advantage when building bases. E.G Wire Teleporters etc.
4.17 - If there is a fading door in the PD the code to a fading door must be shared with all Government jobs through the agenda.
4.18 - Mayor and Police Chief can build in the PD. However they can allow other people to build in the PD.
4.19 - Mayor and Police Chief can make checkpoints. However they can allow other people to build the checkpoint
4.20 - Building tollbooths is NOT allowed.
4.21 - Do not build floating sky bases.
4.22 - Do not build attachments to buildings, this includes hobo buildings.
4.23 - A maximum of three fading doors to gain entrance to your base.
4.24 - You may not build in a tunnel.
4.25 - If you have a building sign up, you can't have any valuable items in your base I.E Cars, guns, printers etc.
4.26 - You can not raid with a building sign.
4.27 - Double dooring in NOT allowed. If you have to have two fading doors no collide the second one.
4.28 - If the mayor dies, the props in pd/checkpoints must be removed.
4.31 - NO ONE WAY ADVANTAGE (ONE PERSON NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE THE OTHER - For example, you can see their feet but they can't etc)

4.27 - You are not allowed to base within the nexus.

Section 5: Rules in relation to jobs

5.0 - Do not Job Abuse (Do not switch to a job to use its abilities and then switch to another job.
5.1 - All classes/jobs must follow their roles and only do their job.
5.2 - Any suppliers must have a store, so that players can buy weapons without having to hunt you down. Failure to do so will result in a demotion from job.
5.3 - Dealers are only allowed to base with guards

Section 5 [A]: Government Jobs.

5.4 - Don’t prop block the first PD door, as the lobby is public property.
5.5 - You must have a reason for a warrant. Hearing drugs isn’t a legit reason. This is considered to be Fail RP.
5.6 - Only the Mayor can purchase a pistol from the gun dealer.
5.7 - Don’t randomly handcuff players. You must have a legit reason for it.
5.8 - You may not warrant players because you heard them talking about illegal stuff inside their base either. Since you wouldn't be able to hear through walls.
5.9 - Do not RDA, randomly arrest someone. You must have a good reason.
5.10 - If a player has a weapon out in public you are allowed to arrest him/her on sight, or use deadly force if you fear for your or other’s life's. This does not apply if someone has a license, always ask someone with a license to put their gun away before arresting them.
5.11 - You are not allowed to randomly weapon search OR strip someone of their weapons without a reason.
5.12 - If you witness a hobo throwing bugbait/poo you are allowed to arrest them. And arrest only.
5.13 - Do not random/wanted players, you must have a good reason.
5.14 - Do not use someone’s class/job as a reason to follow or arrest them. This is considered metagaming and is punishable.
5.15 - If you witness someone breaking the law you are allowed to arrest them or kill if the player presents a deadly threat.
5.16 - If you die you must obey the NLR. This applies even if you are being requested for ANY reason.
5.17 - You are not allowed to arrest people through walls or props. This is considered Fail RP.
5.18 - The mayor is not allowed to raid with police or SWAT. He is only allowed to give orders.
5.19 - The Mayor is only allowed to own a side arm (only a pistol) for self-defense and may only have it out if there is danger or a threat nearby.
5.20 - If the PD is being raided and you were killed, you may return once your NLR is over
5.21 - You are not allowed to buy weapons from a gun dealer
5.22 - You can't use confiscated weapons.
5.23 - Don't combat arrest. This means you can't run into a combat situation with your arrest baton and arrest people, you have to attempt to kill them.
5.24 - Any of the Law enforcement or the mayor is not allowed to own any doors
5.25 - No Government Officials are allowed to base other than that of the PD. The Mayor can create a safe house but must still actively participate in Role-play with the people of Downtown.
5.26 - You can be a corrupted officer in the sense of accepting bribes to un-arrest / forget a crime but you cannot accept bribes to warrant certain people, you cannot keep confiscated printers.
5.27 - Placing warrants or wants on people without a good reason is NOT allowed.
5.28 - Role playing a corrupt government official to get around this rule is NOT allowed
5.29 - Checking people for illegal weapons without a good reason is NOT allowed.
5.30 - Do not randomly stun stick players.
5.31 - If there is no mayor to set the laws, the laws go by the regular laws.
5.32 - Spike Strips must only be used to catch someone who is running away in a car. Randomly placing Spike Strips will result in consequences. You must remove your Spike Strip after use.

City Takeover

To take over the city you have to have the following:
A Gang (More than X1 Person) and at least 1 of you inside PD
The PD taken over(No COPS Inside)
The Mayor Kidnapped.
If the Mayor Kills himself/disconnects the take-over continues.
The city is only regained once the PD is empty of gang members.
You must /advert City Takeover
National Guards and Government officials have to immediately attempt to retake the PD.

E2 Rules

Do not use E2's which are operating on more than 500 ops. (500 Ops Per Player)
Do not use iRunners (running jumpy robots).
Do not use any teleportation E2's.
Do not abuse E2.
Do not Materialize your self.